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Traffic Offenses Attorneys in Henderson, Kentucky

A “minor” traffic violation isn’t minor when it could cause you to lose your license and pay increased auto insurance. This is especially the case for commercial drivers who face the possibility of losing their livelihood. With so much on the line, it isn’t a viable option to ignore speeding tickets and other moving violations.

The attorneys at Deitz, Shields & Freeburger, L.L.P., are known throughout the region for their devotion to achieving success on behalf of their clients. Contact our Henderson, Kentucky, traffic offense defense attorneys today.

Henderson, Kentucky, CDL Speeding Ticket Attorneys

Our experienced attorneys have consistently been successful at obtaining reductions and dismissals of traffic citations in Kentucky.

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We provide representation to Kentucky residents and out-of-state commercial drivers issued traffic citations for reckless driving, speeding, DUI/DWI and other moving violations on Kentucky highways, including the North-South conduit, East-West Interstate and North-South Parkway stations.

Defense against traffic offenses is particularly important for commercial drivers, who must maintain a clean driving record for purposes of keeping a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and must keep the costs of commercial driver’s auto insurance down, both crucial components of their profession. Even if you aren’t a commercial driver, accumulating speeding tickets and other moving violations will increase your insurance premiums and eventually cause you to lose your license.

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