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Avoiding Liens in Henderson, Kentucky

Release from Judgment Liens Clear Title to Real Estate

In Kentucky, a creditor who gets a judgment against you can file a lien against any real estate you own, even your home, as the creditor attempts to collect its judgment.

In Indiana, the mere act of taking a judgment against you will automatically result in that creditor having a lien against your real estate, including your home.

Many of the bankruptcy cases handled by Deitz, Shields & Freeburger, L.L.P. involve judgment liens and, often our attorneys are able to obtain releases of these liens for our clients in Western Kentucky and Southwestern Indiana.

Bankruptcy Offers a Way Out

Bankruptcy can offer a way to get those liens released and clear up title problems on real estate.

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Beware that this is an area of the law that may be changed by Congress or the Supreme Court. If your home or rental property is burdened by a judgment lien, talk to us about ways to avoid these liens, while the opportunity still exists.

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Our firm has extensive experience representing clients in bankruptcy cases. Deitz, Shields & Freeburger, L.L.P. has helped thousands of people obtain debt relief through the bankruptcy system. We understand the bankruptcy laws and make full use of them to help our clients obtain maximum relief from their debts. We have offices in Henderson, Indiana, and Henderson, Kentucky to serve you.

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