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College is a time for new experiences and growth, as well as a time of learning. Sometimes bad judgment, or silly mistakes, are made that can lead to criminal charges or multiple traffic violations. These kinds of charges could affect you, or your child, for the rest of your life if they are not handled properly.

Deitz, Shields & Freeburger, L.L.P., is known throughout the region for its skilled, determined attorneys. Contact our Henderson, Indiana, college student criminal defense attorneys today. We are dedicated to achieving a successful outcome on your behalf.

Henderson, Kentucky, DUI Alcohol Charge Attorneys

Our law firm represents college or technical school students charged with criminal defense and traffic offenses. We help students at area schools, including:

  • University of Henderson

  • Southern Indiana University

  • Henderson Community College

  • Kentucky Wesleyan College

  • Oakland City University

  • Brescia University

  • Daymar College

  • Vincennes University

  • Murray State University

  • Western Kentucky University

  • Owensboro Technical and Community College

  • Madisonville Community College

  • Ivy Tech Community Corporate College of Indiana

Don't Let a Charge
Impact Your Future

Potential consequences of conviction include large fines and possibly even jail time. Individual college or technical school rules vary, but if you have a scholarship award or grant, you or your child could potentially lose your scholarship or financial award if convicted of a felony. You could even get kicked out of school. A criminal conviction could also inhibit future professional licensure.

In both Indiana and Kentucky, some criminal and traffic offenses are “enhanceable” offenses. An enhanceable offense means that a conviction for a first-time offender can be used in the future against that person to make a second offense more serious. Accordingly, the penalties and consequences associated with conviction of the crime you’ve been accused of committing increase greatly.

Right now, that means it is usually a bad decision to plead guilty to even a minor criminal or drug offense. There could be severe ramifications down the road. In many cases, we may be able to reduce the charges against you or eliminate them entirely in exchange for alternative rehabilitation programs or other diversionary programs.

Our experienced attorneys can also assist with expungement of records for criminal and traffic offenses, especially if you have only one conviction.

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