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Second Mortgage Debt Attorneys in Henderson, Kentucky

Relief from Second Mortgages

A family’s home is often its most valuable asset. Faced with unemployment, medical bills, or other financial hardships, many people take second mortgages on their homes. The resulting liens and mortgages against the home may total more than the home’s value. The attorneys of Deitz, Shields & Freeburger, L.L.P. have met with hundreds of clients who face losing their homes due to second mortgage debt.

Protect Your Home

There May Be a Way Out

If you are having difficulty making the payment on a second mortgage, call Deitz, Shields & Freeburger, L.L.P. In some instances, a Chapter 13 case can result in release of the second mortgage with only a small interest free payment to the mortgage company or bank.

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Our firm has extensive experience representing clients in bankruptcy cases. Deitz, Shields & Freeburger, L.L.P. has helped thousands of people obtain debt relief through the bankruptcy system. We understand the bankruptcy laws and make full use of them to help our clients obtain maximum relief from their debts. We have offices in Henderson, Indiana and Henderson, Kentucky to serve you.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.